Meeting Facilities

There are six meeting facilities available that have permanently installed audio visual equipment in them.  Please navigate through the various links at the left of this page to review the specific equipment available, room capacities, support and rental fees for each.

AV Equipment Activation

The equipment in these spaces is turned on automatically by a scheduling
system 10 minutes in advance of a reserved meeting.

At such time, depending on the room reserved, the user will find a control panel installed either on a wall or in the podium lectern, from which they can operate various functions of the AV equipment.  These include tasks such as changing input sources, adjusting light intensity in the room, audio volume, DVD controls, etc.

These panels remain inactive at all other times than when a meeting has been reserved for that room.  Training on the use of these panels is available upon request.

If you require the presence of an AV Technician on site, either to help set-up or to stay for the duration of the meeting for support, be sure to select one of those options on the Meeting Facilities Request Form at the time of making a reservation.  For all users outside the MNI and MNH there will be a minimum of 1/2 hour technical support charge for this installation service.


Please note that Neuro Audio Visual is responsible for the equipment in these facilities, but not the reservation of the actual rooms themselves.  If you would like to book a meeting facility - whether you intend to use AV equipment or not - please refer all inquiries to the meeting facilities coordinator at the following link: